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WeatherTech VS Husky Liner: Torture Test and Comparison!

Weather tech and husky liners are the two biggest names when it comes to floor mats and floor liners,
and they pretty much make a kit for any vehicle. We get asked all the time which is the better brand
and which set people should buy. Today we're going to be comparing the weather tech custom-fit floor
liner and the Husky Liners XACT contour floor liner, both for the JK Wrangler and they are only a three
dollar price difference. They are competing for products and essentially the same price. 

This is the Husky Liners XACT contour floor liner it is made right here in the USA of this durable
rubberized material, it is on the flexible side so it is softer as you can see on the front there are
channels to trap and hold on the dirt and moisture and also add a little bit more grip for your feet and
on the backside, it has cleats so it does stay in place and it also attaches to the factory anchors.

Here we have the weathertech custom-fit floor liner this is also made here in the USA and it features a
high-density tri-extruded material. That is laser designed for a perfect fit into contour the floor of your
vehicle, this material is on the stiffer side so it is more rigid and it's going to stay in place but it is a lot
harder than the husky liner and it has more of a plastic feel to it than a rubber. 

It also has channels right here to trap and hold on the dirt and down here is a larger reservoir to hold
on to all that debris to make it easier to clean and it does attach right here to the factory anchor on the
floor but on the back, there are no cleats like on the husband.

Now it might not matter so much for functionality but to me just looking at these side-by-side, the
WeatherTech does look a bit more refined and the Husky is a little bit plainer. You can see right here
this notch is more refined on the WeatherTech than on the Husky right here and also this notch right

Here we have the weather tech floor liner and so it in our Jeep now if you notice we don't have carpet
in the sheet we lizard-skin the interior but you get the idea it does contour the floor well, so my
impressions from the driver's seat is these are a little bit loud like it's kind of sounds like a work truck
back. It's louder than carpet I've been like tapping your feet there's a lot of noise.

Don't pay attention to it sliding around like this there are no anchors down there because we don't
carpet. My impressions are there isn't a whole lot of friction on here so I'm gonna get out and we're
gonna put a little bit of water in here and pull it out and see how cleanly we can remove it see if it
spills or anything like that. 

If I can not make a mess here Oh spilled it upfront at the gas pedal it poured out front and now at the
back so I did spill a lot when I was folding it like this to get it out a lot of it spilled out in the front like
Here we have the Husky Liners floor liner installed in the Jeep as you can see it pretty much has the
same coverage as the WeatherTech, it forms just as nice even though the outlines weren't as
noticeable on the table and the anchors are covered so it's not going to leak. overall the fit and
coverage are extremely similar to the WeatherTech.
All right so my thoughts of the Husky Liners floor liner, it's a lot more flimsy than the WeatherTech,
so if your shoes like hit the side of it move out of the way. You can decide if that's a good or a bad
thing with your feet it's not as loud it's virtually silent unlike the WeatherTech and I do like the diamond
plate area for your right foot um it's a lot more comfortable than if your foot was sitting on those channel

I think there is a little bit more friction on the liner itself my foot doesn't slide around as much you can
decide if that's a good or a bad thing, yeah so why don't I get out of here and pour some water in this
one and see if I make as big of a mess as I did with the WeatherTech pouring out of the front.

I lost about half lost almost all of it I saved a little bit but still made a mess all over the floor, so I've
poured a little bit of water into each floor liner again and I just want to show you kind of how well the
water rolls off of these pretty slick surface.
It just rolls right off and it's pretty much almost dry immediately and we'll do the same thing with the
husky takes a little bit longer to roll off at this one.

. The water just beads right off I would say the water probably came off the Weather Tech one a little
quicker though. 

Okay, our last test did involve water so it only makes sense to keep going with the water here now, you'll
probably never run into this situation ever but we're just gonna see how much fluid each one of these
liners can hold. We have this one propped up to be about the same contour as this one.

We're about to breach the anchor pull on this one so this is only one quart of water and we're just about
to start leaking at the anchor on the Weather Tech.
Like I said earlier this particular liner for the JK did not come with a plug for the anchor, I
know many Weather Tech kits do but this one didn't so just a little bit more water and will start
to leak. through the anchor and there's our leak that was about one and one-third of a quart,
all right. so we'll empty this before we leak any more on to the table. 

Okay onto the husky liners since this one is completely sealed, I'm gonna say this one might hold up
to a gallon a full gallon of water because it has to breach the back here, so I think it's gonna do a lot
better here's quart number four to make one gallon, definitely making for a hazardous situation yeah
but it's okay it's in the name of science so it's okay.

There we go four and a half quarts, neither manufacturer would ever recommend using brake cleaner
on either these products to clean it. but I know a lot of us car guys use brake cleaner to clean a lot of
things, so we're gonna see if brake cleaner is damaging to either one of these liners. I know you
shouldn't do this but we're just gonna see if it is damaging to either one, so we're gonna spray a little
bit on this full rag here and we're gonna wipe it down to see if it does anything see if it breaks down
the material or comes off on the paper towel or anything like that.

Did virtually nothing to the WeatherTech. The Husky did soften up a little bit didn't cause any damage
didn't come up from the rag but it feels a little softer there so both were virtually unaffected by the
broken plane.

You spent your hard-earned money on these floor mats and you want to make sure that they're quality,
so you might be concerned if the emblem is going to come up now both of them have a very similar
emblem. We're gonna see how difficult it is to remove I guess this would simulate wear and tear later
down the road how well it sticks. So we're just gonna see how hard it is to remove if it even can be
removed so the weather text-indent for the emblem is a little bit bigger I guess a lot of debris could get
down in there along with moisture and could loosen it up over time.

I've got the pic under there real easy and just seems like your average sticker it's on there pretty good
but it's not super tight. Onto the husky liner, you can see it is a much more formed fit here there isn't a
whole lot of room for moisture or debris to get down in here. It looks like the emblem might last a little bit
longer and it does have a different adhesive and this one is much easier to pull off significantly easier to
pull off than the WeatherTech.

All right so that's enough for in the studio it's a beautiful hot summer day why don't we take these things
outside get them real muddy and see which one is easier to clean. There's a little like Mud Creek over
here I'm gonna go throw these Floor Liners in there and stomp all over them and get them real muddy. 
First up WeatherTech:
I'm sure neighbors hate us this stuff's most disgusting, let's see how easy these things are to clean from
just the hose the WeatherTech virtually came perfectly clean except for right here.  It's like nothing ever
happened, both are interesting how they kind of repelled all the dirt and mud and water. These little
grooves right here gonna make the Husky a little bit more difficult to clean but we're having extremely
similar results here.

We got these things muddy and apparently, that was no match for these floor liners, so if you daily drive
your vehicle if you have kids you know that it gets covered and syrup from soda all kinds of junk food,
and it gets super gummed up with just all this crap. So we're gonna put these things to the test we got
some Mentos and Diet Coke, some syrup and a granola bar we're gonna get these things filthy

Let it bake in the Sun it's about 300 degrees outside right now, so once it gets all baked on we're gonna
see how easy they are to clean if it's even possible, yeah all right now we'll do the husky I think I think
someone makes a tube that like you like precision put all of them in.

I got a Coke on my face Aunt Jemima and the crummiest thing in the world Nature Valley granola bar
and now there's coke in my eye and it burns. This smells so delicious, now let's see if we can get these
clean with just a hose. It looks like everything just came right off yeah that it's like nothing bonds to the
surface of these floor liners like well that stuff was baked on there. That ho who's just washed it right off
easier than the mud.
It's a little bit harder to clean in these little channels right here but everything still seems to be just
coming right off. That is incredible these things are hard to get dirty and keep dirty super easy to clean
so, why don't we see how durable they are now.

The first thing we're gonna does I have a pic here and we're just gonna see how easy it is to go through
the liner and shove it through the sidewall here and it pretty much went through it like butter. Let's take a
Philips screwdriver and see how it does pretty much the same thing went through it very very easily

We have just your typical set of sheers we're gonna see how easy it is to cut pretty much like a piece of
Now for my favorite part let's see how easy it is to burn don't try this at home and do it in a well-ventilated
area if you happen to set this mat on fire it is flammable. It does sustain a flame.
We got a butane torch here pretty much the same result as the lighter. all right we have the Weather
Tech let's see if we can puncture it still punctured but a little bit more difficult than the Husky more
difficult a lot more force but still possible.
okay, let's see how easy it is to cut still fairly easy but more difficult than the Husky
Let's see how flammable it seems to be less flammable than the Husky let's try the torch. I would say it's
more flame-retardant than the Husky
This little cut that I did here and here I'm gonna see if I can tear it weather tech nope husky,

I have no idea what this is gonna prove but we have our Raptor in our field here and we're gonna do a
little burn out in the field and throw the floor liners under the wheel while we're doing a burnout. First up
is Husky are you ready to throw, the Husky alright yeah alright let's assess the damage did get a little
like tear crease right here, this is already ripped from when I ripped it before but other than this crease
looks like a piece of tread like a tread mark right there

I don't see any other damage it just kind of like took the form of the tire and nothing happened so let's
see what the weather tech does safety committee ready all right fire in the hole. Let's assess the
damage here definitely looks like there was a burnout done on top of it it's deformed here pretty
scraped up really bad looks like it took some material off.

There are some pretty heavy wear marks right here that are kind of like burned all the way through.
almost definitely a lot of wear right here it took a lot of material

No idea what this is gonna prove either but let's have some fun there is no Safety Committee on this
one, so I think we're good to go, and there you have it that was our review and torture test for the
husky liners and WeatherTech Floor Liners. Now all you guys have to do is a side which set is for you
and if you want to pick up a set of these for your vehicle you can find it right here at CJ pointy parts
comm I hope you enjoyed this article.

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